Spain: A dozen Algerian illegal immigrants interfere in the South

Spanish rescue services on Friday set off a pneumatic boat with ten of its illegal Algerians, in the Autonomous Community of Murcia, off the coast of Cartagena.

A statement by the government delegation in Murcia clarified on Saturday that the illegal immigrants arrested are all in good health, and have been transferred to the area of ​​Escombres (Cartagena), where the Kovid-19 protocol has been activated.

The operation comes a few days after a Spanish rescue team recently rescued 46 Algerian illegal migrants off the coast of three Algerian boats.

Spain, which is increasingly concerned about the alarming increase in Algerian illegal migrants arriving on its shores, has in recent weeks dismantled several networks of smugglers specializing in the transport of their fellow citizens on board boats or fishing boats. has announced.

Spanish Foreign Minister, European Union and Cooperation, Archana Gonzalez brought in, had recently voiced her concern over the alarming increase in the number of illegal Algerians arriving on Spanish shores, noting that “five times their number from the beginning of the year Has increased. ”.

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