SpaceX with Vodafone to bring Starlink to UK?

team working on project starlink would be engaged in one Conversation with group vodafone, to be able to significantly expand the range of action of his service on British territory. This is reported by The Telegraph in the context of the ambitions repeatedly expressed by Elon Musk, including the initiative to provide access to all. internet from space.

Possible agreement between Starlink and Vodafone for the United Kingdom

A spokesperson for the telco interviewed by the newspaper did not deny indiscretion, confirming discussions with various realities to the contrary to determine a contract. satellite connectivity, however, without directly mentioning the companies involved or other details.

Any handshake between the parties may involve the use of both by Starlink basic infrastructure Placed on land, both managed by Vodafone frequencies (in the 28 GHz band) licensed to the operator.

In the UK, Elon Musk and his men will have to fight OneWeb, based in the English capital and working with this goal for some time, is committed to building a set of satellites through which to provide connectivity to areas still reeling from the crisis of the digital divide. The project is supported, among others, by the British government, which holds about one-fifth of the total stake.

This Speed Starlink in its current beta phase, according to a recent test by Speedcheck: 50 Mbps in download, 13 Mbps in upload and latency equivalent to 57 ms (the promised value is between 50 and 150 Mbps bandwidth and latency between 20 Mbps). is between) and 40 ms). These are apparently average values, recorded in the United States and Canada, with the situation set to improve over time. The coverage is also visible in Italy, where a competitive offer of the TIM SUPER SAT, launched by the telco in collaboration with Eutelsat, is already available.

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