SpaceX signs 3 new private contracts to go to the ISS

Axiom Space has signed a major contract with SpaceX to send 3 missions operated by civilians to the International Space Station.

With the Crew Dragon capsule, NASA has finally achieved freedom of access to space. In fact, it had been thirty years since the US agency relied on Russian launchers. Thanks to a company led by Elon Musk, access to space has become possible even for wealthy clients like this Japanese billionaire.

credit: NASA

On Wednesday, Axiom Space’s mission manager announced Signing a contract for three additional missions This is followed by the first all-civilian flight to take place in January next year. If the details of the deal are not known, it remains The biggest deal in the youth history of private spaceflight.

ISS. a busy schedule for

In January 2023, First mission, made up of civilians only, will fly to the International Space Station and remain there for eight days. Thereafter, AXIS-2, 3 and 4 missions should be carried out at an interval of 6 months.

As for the X-2 mission, it will be led by former NASA member Peggy Whitson. Finding a former NASA in command of an axiomatic space mission isn’t surprising because The company was founded by Mike Suffredini, an alumnus of the agency, Which is not lacking, therefore, there is no contact. Staff for the following missions are yet to be announced.

Despite the short duration of the mission, These commercial flights will significantly enhance the schedule of the ISS considerably.. Indeed, the station has only two tie-down points compatible with SpaceX capsules. which led, NASA only had to validate two private flights per year. However, business partnerships run the risk of disrupting this initial program.

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collaboration with NASA

Missions of this magnitude could not have taken place without the support of NASA. Sending a civilian into space is much more complicated than building an aircraft for him. So SpaceX and NASA will collaborate to provide basic training to the participants. The training will focus on emergency procedures, use of space suits as well as various simulations.

These flights will also serve as pilots for the main project of Axiom Space. The company aims to add commercial modules to the International Space Station. Installation of the first module should normally take place in 2024.

So this new contract allows the company to keep the public’s attention on the future prospects of space tourism. Meanwhile, Elon Musk is drawing closer to his dream of making humans an interstellar species.

Source: theverge

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