SpaceX crew say dragon capsules hit NASA’s old shuttles: ‘You look like you’re actually inside the dragon’

The most experienced astronaut in SpaceX’s newly launched Crucible said on Thursday that the dragon capsule was like being inside a real mythical animal in orbit and much more fun than NASA shuttles or Russian planes.

As a crew space rookie, he pulled more G-or gravity forces, flew airplanes in the Navy, but they didn’t last as long as they did during his “extraordinary” first rocket launch.

SpaceX called its second astronaut to the International Space Station late Monday night, just 27 hours after the launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

In their first press conference from orbit, the four astronauts described Sunday night’s inauguration and the first effects of the space station, their new home until spring.

Japanese astronaut Sochi Noguchi – who became the third person to fly three types of spacecraft – said “the dragon is the best, short answer.” He said the dragon “really wanted to go into space,” as he could feel the Falcon 9 rocket launching just minutes before and after the launch, just outside his window seat.

“It felt like you actually came inside the dragon that took us into space, so it was quite a feeling,” he told reporters.

Kruti’s pilot, first-time spacefly Victor Glover, said the G-forces were formed slowly after the rocket was kicked in the second stage.

Once in orbit, “it’s surreal,” he added. “I’ve seen a lot of pictures, but it’s hard to describe when I first saw the Earth window. No words … it was an amazing, lifelong feeling at once.”

The astronauts have named their capsule Resilience not only for the epidemic, but also for providing hope amid years of civil and political unrest.

“I hope it inspires people to look at it literally and figuratively,” said Glover, a Navy commander who became the first African-American to go to the space station full time.

The astronauts chose a small, plush baby Joda as their zero-gravity indicator for the same reason – “It’s not hard to smile when you see her,” Commander Mike Hopkins said. The crew began watching Disney and the “Star Wars” TV series, “The Mandorurian”, featuring baby warriors.

Hopkins said, “The journey to space was a bit more angry than Baby Yoda was accustomed to before.

The SpainX crew – which included Shannon Waller – was joined by another American and two Russians in the orbiting outpost. This is the first time seven long-term crew members have been brought together on the space station, which is expected to boost scientific output.

One reporter asked: Does it feel crowded?

“It’s busy in a great way. The power is growing here, ”said Kate Rubin, a NASA astronaut who arrived at the Russian Soyuz capsule a month ago.

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