SpaceX and NASA launch Crew Dragon in Florida: Live updates

Carol Scott helped NASA evaluate two tragic accidents of what went wrong and healed during the Space Shuttle program.

However, these days, he is the manager of the Launch Vehicle Office of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, and this means that, together with his team, SpaceX’s Team Dragon capsule is very important in determining that this mission is ready and the inevitable risks are reduced.

This is not an easy concert.

“I am not sleeping properly because I have enough concerns,” he said in an interview with CNN Business on Tuesday. “But if I didn’t have butterflies, that wouldn’t be true.”

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule is unique: Although NASA still provides critical security surveillance, the company has addressed design and development. Scott’s team was numbered with thousands of people working on the Space Shuttle program. But his team is now searching for hundreds of people.

Still, Scott has never been so sure.

[SpaceX] The system is definitely much safer than Shuttle – for many reasons. “

For one thing, Shuttle required the astronauts to connect to the giant white space plane vertically attached to the rocket boosters on the launch pad. But for this mission, astronauts will sit tightly in the Crew Dragon capsule, located on a large rocket.

“A piece of foam came out and hit the orbit” with the Space Shuttle caused the devastating destruction of the Columbia orbit in 2003. “But if there’s a capsule on it – hey, the only thing to hit is a raindrop.”

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