Southern Mediterranean countries faced with the challenge of protecting personal data

Countries in the southern Mediterranean should be aware of the “compulsions” associated with the protection of personal data. These principles are not adequately enforced, while cases of identity theft, loss or theft of personal data are reported every day.

On the occasion of a day dedicated to the protection of personal data, several cyber security experts and officials and civil society representatives from various countries in the southern Mediterranean met in Tunis to discuss the challenges of the subject and share their experiences.

Morocco participated in this regional conference along with Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Algeria and host country Tunisia.

The state was represented by Omar Seghrouchani, chairman of the National Commission for the Control of Personal Data Protection (CNDP), established by Law 09–08, which has established the use of digital identities and biometrics, particularly those used in identification. Presented his expertise on the issue of procedures. card and national passport, especially on their advantages and risks.

The invited countries discussed with their delegations the means to activate the regional mechanism, a common reflection to fight against this crisis made possible thanks to the Internet. So far, 151 countries have adopted laws and frameworks to deal with the threats posed by weak personal data protection.

In fact, data protection, at the heart of contemporary issues, is threatened by “new risks to the privacy of information, in addition to undeniable advances, due to the unprecedented development of technologies and more specifically information”, indicates a press release. . The Council of Europe, which is organizing the event along with Tunisia’s National Data Protection Authority (INPDP), the European Union and the League of Arab States.

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“One thing is clear: the principles of personal data protection are not adequately applied. All over the world, there are instances of data leaks, loss and theft, and countries in the southern Mediterranean region have unfortunately not been spared,” in the document Having said.

This situation requires concerted action through legislation, independent institutions and experts, as well as international cooperation, “hence the importance of dialogue and common reflection, the beginning of a possible collaboration to come”.

This meeting in Tunis brings together nearly a hundred eminent delegates and experts from four disciplines: international data security standards, cybercrime, digital identity and cross-border flows.

The meeting, in addition to the unprecedented opportunity for building links and exchanges between countries in the region, will allow the countries to be aware of the need for solid protection of personal data for the benefit of people and their economies.

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