South Africa: 8 dead and 5 missing during floods

# Other countries South African officials said on Monday that eight people had died in floods in South Africa and 5 people were still missing.

A spokesman for the Cooperative Ministry and Ministry of Traditional Affairs, George Mthethwa, said, “The flood victims, including a mother and her infant, have been swept away, and fear that the number will increase soon.”

He said that along with heavy rains, the search operation by police divers had to be postponed due to rising water at the dam located in the area of ​​Witbank.

“Families have joined disaster relief and management teams in search of loved ones despite huge relief and hindrance in rescue efforts,” he continued.

Mthethwa also insisted that the cities of Nelspruit, Bushbuckridge and Nkomazi were the biggest casualties of the floods, which were behind the collapse of roads and bridges and the destruction of many homes.

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Officials in South Africa recently announced that more than 1000 families have been displaced in the country’s northeastern provinces due to the floods caused by the tropical cyclone Aloce.

What began as a tropical storm off Madagascar continued to move southwest, making landfall in the coastal city of Bera in Mozambique in mid-January.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said that fed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean of the Mozambique Channel, Eloise achieved tropical cyclone conditions equivalent to a Category Two hurricane with her force.

After colliding with northern Madagascar in January, Eloise continued to advance into southern Africa, causing significant human and physical damage in the process.

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