Sony unveils world’s first Bravia XR TV with “cognitive intelligence” that acts “like a human brain”

Sony has unveiled the 2021 Bravia XR TV lineup. According to the manufacturer, these are the world’s first TVs with “cognitive intelligence”.

The lineup includes models with 8K, 4K and 4K OLED screens. They are based on the cognitive processor X. According to Sony notes, “cognitive” processors work “like a human brain”, which allows you to create very realistic images and sounds.

Sony explained:

The new processors, based on the intelligent processor Cognitive Processor XR, use an innovative approach to process audio-visual data that goes beyond the usual algorithms of artificial intelligence. It is designed to ensure that the material is reproduced in a way that is sensitive to human vision and hearing. While traditional artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are able to separately identify and analyze image elements such as color, contrast, and detail, the new processor is capable of analyzing the entire spectrum of elements at the same time, which is the human brain Is similar to work.


The Sony Bravia XR 2021 lineup includes:

  • Z9J Master Series 8K (Full Array LCD) 85 and 75 Inch
  • A90J Master Series 4K (OLED) 83, 65 and 55 inches
  • A80J 4K (OLED) 77, 65 and 55
  • X95J 4K (full array LCD) in diagonal 85, 75 and 65
  • X90J 4K (full array LCD) in 100, 75, 65, 55 and 50 diagonals

The TVs use the new Google TV interface with voice control, HDMI 2.1, e-ARC compatibility, including 4K 120 fps, variable refresh rate (VRR) and auto low. Latency mode, ALLM). Voice assistant Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are supported.

Sony decided to provide information on prices and availability in the retail sector only in the spring of 2021.

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