Sony is developing a smartphone sensor that will glow in the dark…

Sony invented the stacked CMOS of a single pixel with two layers of transistors.
Sony invented CMOS with two layers of transistors stacked with a single pixel.

For years now, the ability of cameras and smartphones to capture night scenes has sparked oceans of pixels… so it’s not without ulterior motives that Sony is “stacked with pixels with two layers of transistors.” CMOS Image Sensor”. just that!

Pardon me? Many cameras today are already equipped with CMOS type sensors for Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor. A technology that has excellent characteristics, as explained here on Wikipedia, also refers to the traditional CCD. Obviously, the famous producer wants to go even further.

very technical…

Sony therefore indicates that it has succeeded in developing the world’s first stacked CMOS image sensor technology with a single pixel with two layers of transistors. This breakthrough not only promises wider dynamic range, but also reduced noise in low light conditions. Interesting. But what is that?

“Unlike traditional CMOS image sensors, where the photodiode and pixel transistor occupy the same substrate, Sony’s new technology places the pixel photodiode and transistor on separate layers,” Sony said in its complex press release. ,

For small…

If the same text is to be believed, this advance will be primarily intended for smaller devices, i.e. specifically for smartphones… “The structure of photosites of this new technology allows pixels to retain or improve their current characteristics.” with the current pixel size, or even smaller,” says Sony.

“Thanks to this Pixel technology with two layers of transistors, Sony will contribute to the production of better quality still images, especially on smartphone photos”, continues Nippon. However, it does not specify when this technology will be introduced to the manufacturers, nor the launch date. To be continued.

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