Sony doubles down on seemingly weakly updated party system for PS5

PS5 party system

The PlayStation 4 firmware update 8.00 received perhaps the most severe negative response to the Sony console patch. Fans are not satisfied with the new, synthetic way of setting up a party to start chatting with their partners. But it doesn’t look like the PlayStation 5 will change the feature in any significant way – at least in terms of how it manages to be published as part of yesterday’s UI, Sid Schumann touched on how you can share your photos with the party. Lots of messages look like they’re happening.

At the end of the demonstration, Sid chooses to share a Distraction All Star Capture with some friends ses he chooses a group called Nifty Voyagers, which has already been shown to be a separate discussion by the headphone icon to the right of the group name. Because of that, we have plenty of evidence that these groups will work similarly in messaging groups, allowing you to send text messages, start parties, and share media with your friends everywhere.

Sid Schumann even reinforces the quote: “Remember, parts are bigger now than just voice chat” This is an awkward situation because this new system brings a lot of benefits. If You have a dedicated friendship group with which you play your PS4 and PS5 games. It works like a discord channel because everything happens in one place. But things get complicated when someone else wants to join the team. PS4 users have also found that adding new players to your message group lets newcomers see your entire chat history. It’s no good, isn’t it?

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