Son of Hyung-Min: Host Mourinho expects Tottenham to return after international break. Football News

Tottenham forward Heung-Min Son

Jose Mourinho hopes Tottenham forward Hyung-Min’s son will return from his hamstring injury after the upcoming international break.

The son was replaced at half-time during Tottenham’s 1-1 Premier League draw with Newcastle on Sunday, after which the Spurs head coach said the South Korean forward would be “out for a while”.

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Highlights of the fourth round Carabao Cup between Tottenham and Chelsea

The Spurs are facing a congested schedule to start the 2020/21 season, with the campaign intensifying due to delays caused by the coronavirus epidemic.

A Tottenham team beat Chelsea on penalties in the fourth round of the Carabao Cup on Tuesday and Mourinho then gave an update on his son’s condition, at which point he tried to warn international managers about other members of his squad.

Hyung-Min's son was seen in the match post with the ball of the match scoring 4 goals in Spurs;  Victory over Southampton
The son scored four goals in Spurs’ win over Southampton

“I will bring him back at the end of international time and you give me a chance to talk about it,” Mourinho said.

“I hope the national team coaches have their data and I understand how many minutes the Tottenham players have played this week and I hope they care about the players and they will protect them because the Tottenham players have done their incredible amount of minutes and work this week. And it’s very, very dangerous. “

Mourinho’s side’s win over Chelsea in the Europa League qualifiers against Chelsea in the Europa League qualifiers against McNabi Heifer on Thursday, ahead of Manchester United’s Old Trafford tour on Sunday.

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Free to watch: Highlights from Tottenham’s draw with Newcastle in the Premier League

If Tottenham’s third-round Carabao Cup match had not been played against Lytton Orient last Tuesday, it would have turned into the next second week with the same fixture pattern.

Spurs are currently without Gareth Bale, who is recovering from a knee injury, back in the Premier League after seven years of spam with Real Madrid.

Mourinho expects both son and Bell to be available when Tottenham return to the Premier League after the international break against Tottenham West Ham on the weekend of 1-18-18 October.

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