“Some Researchers Think A Militant Mushroom Will Be”

Interview Sociologist and Director of Research at CNRS publishes What does activism do to research, A sharp and deep text. With particular clarity, she analyzes the crisis that higher education and research are undergoing, underestimated by powerful ideological, colonial, feminist or contradictory currents.

Nathalie Hennich points to Pierre Bourdieu’s determined role in this list of sociology for political purposes and criticizes the proliferation of “studies” on campuses. He is saddened by the lack of scientific rigor of this work. For the researcher, these “academician-activists” are dangerous, because they distort the very mission of the university: the development and transmission of knowledge.

Le Figaro. – In condemning the entryism of the “Islamo-Left” into the university, the Minister of Higher Education, Frederick Vidal, started an intense controversy. How do you see this controversy and how has it been brought to the fore?

Nathalie Hennich. – The controversy began in October 2020, when Jean-Michel Blanker was the first to condemn the University of Islamo-Left, after Samuel Petty’s assassination by an Islamist. This was by no means irresponsible, as some have claimed: human and social sciences have currents

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