Some Moroccan engineers stop in Libreville during their incredible continental journey

#morocco : A young pair of Moroccan engineers have been traveling across Africa for 5 months. They stayed in Libreville, the capital of Gabon. An opportunity for them to add to the first part of their incredible journey.

The adventure of Omar Beraho and his wife Chadne Rahli began on January 22 in Morocco. For about a month, they toured the Deep Kingdom before meeting west and in the center of the continent, with a stopover in Libreville, Gabon. “We did it in 11 countries followed by Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea Conakry, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon… Morocco. We were a little tired of the routine. Especially since I spent 8 years in Paris and Chadne I worked for 5 years. We really wanted to see something more, ”says Omar Beraho.

An incredible adventure on a fully restored old version Range Rover, and it is this monster of the road that is famous for its inability to break that has allowed them to cross the equator from Cameroon to Gabon.

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It must be said that the desire to explore other cultures and other horizons of Africa is the basis of Omar and Chadne’s travel project. From this experience, the young Moroccan couple keeps great memories till then. “We told ourselves that the best way to do this was by road and by car to explore small villages. We met a lot of people who welcomed us in many countries, especially in Abidjan and Cameroon etc. Also, we met a lot of people in small remote villages. It is true that we could not communicate, but we showed them the way of living our life which they found strange. Then, a magical bond was formed between us. Communication gestures because there were villages where no one spoke French. Afterwards, everything remains human, for example they knew we needed to sleep. At times, they gave us vegetables and fruits”, Explain to two tourists.

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The couple did little preparation in the car for their trip. Just a rooftop tent to sleep, some clothes and above all a complete interior layout of his vehicle, as Omar Beraho shows us: “There’s a little shelf where you cook to put the stove, etc. We have a work table and a small space that we use as storage. That is a petrol stove. We have a little Moroccan touch that is a tagine, and a faucet that is powered by a 300 W electric solar panel with a water tank, an electric cooler, and two batteries that allow us to be autonomous for 5 or 6 days. allows”, explains Omar Beraho.

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While the two adventurers are recuperating in Libreville, they present their civilizations to the Moroccan ambassador in Gabon. Abdelah Sabihi praised their courage to find another Africa: “Here are two young Moroccans, two young compatriots, who also live in Paris, who studied engineering and who had this very original, beautiful continent. It was very special to visit. I am really honored to welcome him today as part of this World Day for Africa that we celebrated recently and which we will celebrate this evening at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco. Will continue to celebrate at the residence. Two young compatriots who left the Kingdom of Morocco 5 months ago and who are in their 11th host country and who confirmed to me that they were warmly welcomed by our African friends and brothers and I can say that They are two young ambassadors, it is here in this capacity that I got them too”, the diplomat expressed his happiness.

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After Libreville, the adventure of two young Moroccans continues and will end in South Africa.

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