Some Lille Nightclubs Will Reopen This Friday

After being closed for 15 and a half months, this Friday, July 9, the lights of nightclubs will once again be dimmed. Establishments are authorized to reopen to the public on condition of respecting sanitary protocols: 75% and above one gauge, Dancer with updated health pass. Three options: have been 100% vaccinated, or have had an antigen test, or been contaminated with COVID-19 in the past six months, and more than two weeks ago. Despite these obstacles, managers who are reopening are very impatient to find their customers.

“everyone has to play the game”

Before the dancers are welcomed again, everything must be scrutinized, the machines must be restarted and the stockpile of beverages must be replenished. and especially All measures were taken to enforce the sanctions. “As soon as you’re standing outside, we put up big posters to alert people to the directions” Jacques Andros, co-manager of The Box at Old Lille, explains. “And at the entrance, you pass your code: if it displays ‘thank you’ you can enter, if not, walk around”. Inside, tables have been added to keep a short distance between groups “Especially since the service is no longer at the bar”. For management, the owners hired more waiters and bouncers. a wristband and counting system The box is also set up to keep a constant watch on the number of people. “We don’t want to do anything and put off for six months, everyone has to play the game” Jacques Andros, confidently explains.

Managers at The Box in Lille spent days returning and cleaning everything up, before being able to reopen this Friday, July 9. © Radio France
Mary Dorset

some nightclubs will reopen

The young man is eager to find his customers “and even very excited”. And the opposite is also true, to see this Reservation List, set up for the occasion. “Normally, people go to clubs, but reservations are full here, they really want to party”. There was still a small gap of about twenty places “So that those passing may have a chance to return”. When the reopening was announced on June 21, Jacques and his brother Nicolas were a bit hesitant to reopen. “In the end, we thought it was worth it, even if it’s for a week, a month, two years, at least it feels good!”

Not all discotheques in the area have made the same choice, sometimes due to a lack of resources or staff: according to unions in the area, only 20% of establishments will welcome revelers again this Friday evening.

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