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Raphael Domjan leaves the plane

A parachutist has finished the world’s initially jump from a photo voltaic-driven aircraft.

Raphael Domjan attained a velocity of 93mph (150kph) in advance of releasing his parachute and landing safely in Payerne, western Switzerland.

The weather for the flight was good and the two-seater prototype plane, protected with 22 sq. metres (237 square ft) of photo voltaic panels, soared to a height of 1,520 metres (5,000ft), the SolarStratos venture claimed.

Mr Domjan, who also co-piloted the airplane, mentioned: “Currently there have been lots of firsts but the most important is [this is] the 1st time at any time that somebody jumped from an electric powered aircraft.

Mr Domjan in mid-air

“And this is one thing that is shifting the long run for this activity for skydivers. It was the 1st time we did a photo voltaic skydive, I climbed with the energy coming from the solar cells of the plane.”

Mr Domjan, the person powering the job, would like to establish that activities this kind of as skydiving can be carried out with out producing world-warming greenhouse gases.

The plane, powered by 22 square metres (237 square feet) of solar panels, takes off
The airplane, run by 22 sq. metres (237 sq. toes) of photo voltaic panels, takes off

Emissions from kerosene-fuelled planes now account for about 2% of the guy-built carbon emissions.

“I hope that this will keep on to make the young persons of tomorrow dream, thanks to aircraft that are more respectful of our world and our weather,” Mr Domjan included.

The founder of the SolarStratos plane project, Raphaël Domjan, lands after making the first ever parachute jump from a solar-powered plane
Mr Domjan lands after producing the initially at any time parachute jump from a photo voltaic-run plane

The team’s upcoming milestone is to make the initial photo voltaic-powered flight to the stratosphere, which it plans to complete in 2022.

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Four decades in the past, Switzerland’s Photo voltaic Impulse mission concluded the 1st circumnavigation of the world with a photo voltaic-driven airplane.

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