Solar Storms: Announcement of Aurora Borealis for Thursday

This Monday, March 28, 2022, freckles Known for astronomers Under the code name AR2975 (AR for .) active area) exploded several times. It was shaken by at least 17 class C and M explosions. Hence the eruptions of average intensity. But even two or three of them got evicted from there. Case Coronation towards Earth.

according to the model of NASAfirst of these coronal mass ejection ,CME) was to arrive this Thursday, March 31, 2022. But it seems she almost wants to let herself get in the way. which will trigger a Storm The geomagnetic intensity is no longer that of G2, but G3. Then a little stronger. And he will come a little sooner.

The main effect of always reducing the range of areas from which it is possible to observe Northern Lights, Possibly as far north as the UK and Denmark and as far south as Sweden.

False alarms can also be triggered. and satellite navigation systems and radio Less frequency Can be affected intermittently.

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