Sofia immediately wakes up and plays sixth

She gets the title: “This is the most incredible win” because it’s a race that lasted almost 12 months for Sofia Gogia. He arrived on crutches at the World Championships screen a year earlier with the phrase “no one will give me those lost World Cups back”. He now melts into the embrace of fans to seal his 17th career, sixth in a record-breaking season.

Flying through the air (and winning), Goggia came down “among the gusts of doors throwing at me.” That green light at the finish line and arms up to the sky is 20/100 on Ramona Siebenhofer and 26/100 on Ester Ledeka and then a lot of molasses. After her first bitter victory in 2018, everyone was shaken by at least 4 shakes worthy of that pre-philo Sofia, who is now a female and mature champion. Our lady of descent and flag bearer in Beijing is where it is and topping Taufen’s Olympia: 400 points out of 264 by Siebenhofer, leader in the special classification – when there are 3 races left in the Cup, but also a few days into the Olympics. Which lens to choose? Just fast skiing. “Technically I skied badly and the low start on the Duca d’Aosta plane isn’t my cup of tea, but maybe these risky lines brought me down earlier and faster”. Even alive in spirit, after the blow from Altenmark, Sofia is now breathing: “On Monday I did not walk: I cried, I was scared and even 10 hours of treatment, but here I found myself Would have thrown down to this audience. Their affection is a personal victory that is worth more than any race ┬╗. Another 4 blue in the top 20: 14th Elena Courtoni and Nicole Delago, then Federica Brignone (19th) and Nadia Delago ( 20th) Toffen produced a greedy encore today with Super-G (11.45). The classification in hand, an all-Italian menu with a direct challenge between Gogia (332 points), Brignone (327) and Courtoni (248).

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Kitzb├╝hel, on the other hand, is a harakiri-slalom: Vinatzer, the leader in the middle of the race, comes out after 3 goals; Rizzoli, fourth fastest in the first run, comes 4 doors out of the finish on a friendly track signed by coach Theolier, which also cuts Pinturault, Jacobsen and Fos Solvag. The 35-year-old riding won for Britain for the first time. Today at 1.30pm it’s Jetman’s turn for the second stride, weather permitting.

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