Social Networks. At the age of 20, he had a heart attack after the Tiktok challenge

This new challenge on TikTok is called “Dry Scooping”. theory ? Have a spoonful of dry protein powder without water before hitting the gym, on the pretext that it will increase energy and thus make the session even more productive.

Brittany Portillo, a 20-year-old American who lives in Miami, saw this surprising practice on her newsfeed and so tried the experience…which drove her to the emergency room, she reports in a video posted to the social network.

“After taking the powder I started feeling tingling and itchy all over my body, searched Google for an explanation and read it was a common side effect,” she told the Buzzfeed site.

Protein Powder: Which Ingredient?

Whether consumed before or after working out your muscles, protein powder should in theory be diluted into a liquid before being drunk. They are supposed to help with fat loss, reduce fatigue, build muscle…

They are usually composed of protein (casein or whey), amino acids, B vitamins, caffeine, creatine, artificial colors, sweeteners, emulsifiers… Take a look at the list of ingredients to be listed according to their amounts needed. Weight in the box, at the risk of swallowing a host of chemicals.

“I thought maybe it was anxiety”

Convinced, he started doing his practice. “I felt a heaviness and a slight pain in my chest. I thought it was probably anxiety, or a slight panic attack, so I decided to ignore them and go. Keep going,” the chest pain subsided a bit.

The young woman, suffering from nausea and dizziness, went home to take a bath before joining a club as a dancer. “In the locker room, I started to feel chills, even though it was cold. I started sweating until I was even drenched wearing a bikini. Then the chest pain came back, this time more. Intense, it My back and left arm spread out. I knew these were signs of a heart attack.”

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“Just because you see it online doesn’t mean it’s safe”

Taken to the emergency room, Stripper underwent a series of examinations, one of which revealed an abnormal increase in her levels of troponin, a structural protein of the myocardial contractile system. He was indeed having a heart attack, but a “mild” form because the coronary artery was only partially blocked.

She was eager to warn her thousands of followers about these trends posted on social media and how dangerous they can be: “I just want people to be careful what they eat. Not because you can’t do it.” Look online, even if it’s what fitness influencers are doing, that’s for sure.”

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