Social distanting stickers removed before Tulsa rally in Trump campaign

According to the Post, as part of the BOK Center’s security plan for the 20th June rally, the arena management had bought 12,000 sit-downs to keep people away from each other, leaving open seats among the participants.

Then, on the day of the rally, when the event staff placed the stickers on almost every seat in the 19,000-seat arena, the Trump campaign told the event management to stop and then talk to the Washington Post about anonymity condition to discuss internal issues, according to a person who recognizes the stickers.

Tim Murtaugh, the communications director of the Trump campaign, did not address the issue of landing, but instead announced CNN’s health measures for the incident.

“The rally was fully in line with local requirements,” Murtaugh said on Saturday. In addition, temperature control, face mask and hand access to the hand sanitizer were provided before each rally participant was admitted. ” Said.

According to the pool reporters, the stickers were removed in the arena before the event, according to pool reporters who once realized that the stickers that appeared on the sofa watches went almost until noon on Saturday. According to the pool reports, the stickers were removed without allowing the public to enter the arena.

By the way, in a video clip obtained by Post, two men, one wearing a suit, the other wearing a badge and a face mask, can be seen by pulling the stickers from the seats in one part of the arena. Men’s identities are uncertain.

After the majority of the stickers were installed, a member of Trump’s campaign radioed the staff in the incident war room, where the Arena administration was preparing preparations and told the Post to stand by the person familiar with the incident. Event staff were told to continue applying stickers. Then the campaign started shooting them, the person said.

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When Trump took to the stage in the arena, it was seen that the participants did not comply with the rules of social distance, and clustered without empty seats between each other. No stickers can be seen on the seats.

Finally, less than 6,200 people attended the rally to report Trump’s return to the campaign trail. Low turnout has been accused of media and intense reactions from “radical protesters” in gathering such a large crowd amid the pandemic.

In the days leading up to the rally, a group of local lawyers, organizers filed a lawsuit to stop the event from happening unless they agreed to take steps to comply with management’s own social removal recommendations to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

Lawyers in their cases stated that the statistics of the Tulsa health department saw the highest number of new coronavirus cases on Monday leading to the scheduled rally on Saturday.

A judge finally denied the emergency request.

A senior White House official from the Washington Post did not want the removal of either Trump or the White House stickers.

Since the rally of June 20, at least eight staff have done positive testing, and some of the campaign’s top officials have decided to quarantine for a week rather than go to two sources who know the situation they gave CNN.

CNN’s DJ Judd and Ryan Nobles contributed to this story.

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