Social distances of Kim Jong Un at North Korea meeting

Luminous, unmasked Kim Jong Un walked away socially on Monday during a meeting of North Korea’s ruling Labor Party policy – everyone sat close together in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

The ascetic dictator, where the subject of widespread speculation in recent months, seemed to be a picture of health as he smiled in a circular sitting in general.

Wearing a white jacket, Kim has been sitting at least six meters away from her aides Choe Ryong Hae and Pak Pong Ju, by Sky News.

Neither he nor the others attending Pyongyang wore face masks in the middle of the pandemic, which was not mentioned during the state media’s reports on the meeting.

According to Reuters, North Korea’s main intelligence agency said that an outbreak in the country cannot be ignored, although North Korea has said there are no approved COVID-19 cases.

The photos showed that others were sitting close together for the high-level meeting.

“Some important issues that emerged to further develop the country’s self-sufficient economy and improve people’s living standards were discussed in detail at the meeting,” according to official media reports.

As usual images, Kim comes only weeks after the completion of a fertilizer factory, after his first appearance disappeared from the public on April 11 – did not lead to rumors that he was seriously ill after the operation.

Speculation about his health came after skipping events that commemorated his grandfather Kim Il Sung’s 108th birthday on April 15.

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The Politburo meeting came at a time of economic uncertainty during the pandemic, which boosted the pressure on the Hermit Kingdom, whose economy was already hit by international sanctions aimed at stopping the nuclear program.

According to Reuters, Kim did not mention Pyongyang’s growing criticism of South Korea or North Korean asylum seekers who call it home.

The Rogue regime has recently clashed in Seoul and the South threatened to close an inter-Korean liaison office and other projects unless the defects stopped sending leaflets north.

According to the South Korean Union Ministry, Pyongyang has not responded to a routine daily contact phone for the first time since 2018 from South Korean officials on Monday morning.

However, the ministry answered an afternoon call without announcing that it did not answer later.

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