So was the inaugural visit of the federal president to Great Britain

Royals have dinner at Buckingham Palace

As a former foreign minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier knows many celebrities. But this meeting must have been something special for him as well. The 91-year-old queen invited the federal president and his wife to lunch at Buckingham Palace in London. Recently, the 61-year-old sharply criticized Great Britain’s exit from the European Union.

Was the engagement the issue of Harry and Meghan Markle?

Eight months after assuming office as federal president, Steinmeier is the visiting guest. Prince William was also present at the reception. For the press, however, there was a clear instruction: take a photo, but don’t question it! Unfortunately, one can only speculate on what was being talked about at Buckingham Palace.

Perhaps the just announced engagement caused the topic of conversation on the table: Prince Harry, the queen’s popular grandson, and divorced American actress Meghan Markle made the announcement a day earlier. The wedding is scheduled to take place next May.

Steinmeier’s criticism of Brexit: a wrong decision

After lunch, Steinmeier visited Westminster Abbey, about a kilometer away. There he garlanded the tomb of an unknown soldier and showed him the coronation church. Politics should hardly have been an issue in the meeting, as the royal family does not interfere in political issues – at best indirectly.

Royals often travel on behalf of the government, also to ensure good weather for the post-Brexit period. Steinmeier, in his first major speech as federal president, sharply criticized the plan to exit the European Union for March 2019. Speaking to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, he called Brexit an erroneous decision: “It is irresponsible to say that a European country in this world can make its voice audible or assert its economic interests alone and without the European Union “.

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