So Snyder’s cut of “Justice League” in Germany is 10 minutes shorter

The Snyder cut of “Justice League” was supposed to be four hours long, but filming in this country is a full 10 minutes short. What is behind this?

After all “Zack Snyder’s Justice League“Have you seen. Following the disaster with “Justice League” in 2017, DC fans now have the chance to watch a freshly polished superhero film. Zack Snyder (“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”) not only restored his deleted original scenes, but also shot a new sequence. That’s why the comic book now has four hours of impressions. Such is the case at least in the United States. Snyder-cut is 10 minutes short throughout Germany as well as Great Britain.

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Did the director cheat and re-cut the scenes? Don’t worry, this is not the reason, you will get to see the whole movie. Screen run gives us the real reason for the short runtime. The event has a technical background, with versions in the UK and in Germany also running faster than the American version.

Pal is responsible for this. PAL is a TV coding system that ensures that 25 images are transmitted in a second instead of the normal 24 images. The event can also be viewed with Blu-ray and DVD. This means that images are moved faster. In the United Kingdom, the Snider Cut of Just League has been introduced on the NowTV service, which still works with the PAL system. In this country, the DC film is offered via Sky, which apparently broadcasts 25 images per second. One image per second does not sound too much, but why does it just lag behind.

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No reason to boycott “Zack Snyder Justice League”

Since PAL technology is also used explicitly in this country and therefore the film runs fast, some people may fear that pictures and sequences will be shown quickly. But it is not so and the mind can be relaxed. While watching, the viewer sees no difference.

Only someone who specializes in various transmission techniques can see a slightly increased speed. But even then, a person has to focus completely on the screen for four hours at a time. Perhaps it is also a positive effect that we experience the Snyder cut a little less. After all, four hours is already a big part and some of them definitely require a little break from the focused DC action. In any case, you can watch the revised “Justice League” movie on Sky without any worries.

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