Snowfall interrupts in Germany and UK

On February 9, 2021, a city employee mortgaged snow from a sidewalk near the Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin. John McDougall / AFP

Motorists stranded on highway, vaccination centers closed, trains canceled: avalanche part of Germany on Tuesday, where at least one person was killed, and the United Kingdom.

In Germany, dozens of motorists and truck drivers were stranded overnight for nearly 30 kilometers on the A2 motorway near Bezalefeld (North Rhine-Westphalia) due to inclement weather. Several trucks overturned, causing the highway to close in both directions.

Drivers were stuck in their cars for about 16 hours

Most spent about 16 hours in their vehicles in the cold. Rescuers provided him with blankets and hot beverages. Video footage shows the shivering drivers complaining of their vehicles being without food for hours, as the temperature went down to minus 12 degrees.

“Normalcy is difficult,” a spokesperson for the Beiglefeld police force told reporters. A spokesman for the area’s motorway control center said, “The traffic jam will take a long time to subside.” Motorists were stranded at night in central Germany on the A4 motorway. Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer called on residents of northern and central Germany to refrain from driving at least until Wednesday.

Best hope from thursday

According to Deutsche Ban, the formation of 48 hours of snowfall and snow drift has caused delays and cancellations on the rail network. Many long distance lines are affected throughout Germany.

After expected further falls in the north on Tuesday and Wednesday, this rainfall should again decrease in intensity. However, the cold is expected to remain this week, while night temperatures in some areas will be near -20 ° C.

In many areas, including Frankfurt (center), their reception and caregiving capacity for the homeless has increased. In Nuremberg (Bavaria, South), part of the population is deprived of heating due to fire in a power station.

These inclement weather caused at least one death in Germany. A 69-year-old man was found dead near his tractor in the Saxony-Anault area on Tuesday. According to local police, he must have been killing fiercely. On Monday, a man was found dead in snow in Berlefeld, without his death being related to inclement weather.

The situation is difficult even in the United Kingdom

In other European countries, snowfall was abundant from Belgium to Denmark to Central Europe.

The situation is difficult especially in the majority of the United Kingdom, with Scotland in the north of the south of England, passing through part of Northern Ireland. According to the British Weather Service (Met Office), there was a yellow warning on Tuesday due to snowfall in these areas, which could disrupt travel by road or rail. The latter also warns against the risk of falling due to snow.

In London, snow has been pouring steadily since Tuesday morning, with the parks covered with a thin white layer over which children have fun sledding. Snowfall of up to 15 cm may occur in the north and east.

Vaccination centers closed in England

Several coronovirus vaccination centers in Ipswich and Colchester have had to close exclusively, while the country, currently limited, continues its campaign in a forced march aimed at gradually being able to relax the restrictions.

Many schools, currently open only to vulnerable children or essential workers, also have to close their doors in southeast England and Lincolnshire (East).

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