Snoop Dogg promises he’ll have a big party if Celtic win the Scottish Championship

As surprising as it may sound, Snoop is an ardent supporter of the Doggy Dog Scottish club. But where does this passion for the club come from? In 2005, when a fan offered him a club jersey, the rapper became a fan. So much so that in 2012, he planned to buy shares in the club and dreamed of bringing his friend David Beckham to play. A year later, he asks his favorite team if he can be the mascot for their match against Juventus in the Champions League.

This season, the 50-year-old rapper told local media that he would travel to Glasgow if Celtic win the title, taking the players to eat Indian food and drink champagne:

“Snoop hasn’t booked his ticket yet, but the passport is out of the trunk. As they champion, you can be sure I’ll be on that flight to Glasgow. They eat whatever they want to do.” I’ll be Snoop. You can be sure that if we celebrate his championship title, it’s going to be one hell of a night.”

Snoop didn’t hide his excitement: “Champagne is about to come out and we’ll totally blow it. To be honest, I love Indian food and I’ve always had the best curries in the UK. So if there are good Indian restaurants in Glasgow, we can Let the evening begin there, and I will praise the whole place.”

So we hope Celtic gets a chance to taste curry and champagne with their biggest fan ever!

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