Sneaky support from governments to help big European clubs face crisis

French football is not the only one facing the health crisis and its financial consequences. Its European neighbors are also in the same position. With a difference: If they incur a loss of camera and ticket revenue, clubs in major championships in Europe still cut television rights when their French counterparts are cut short by the fall. Broadcaster Mediapro. In this context, the support went more to the lower level clubs than the elite.

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In the United Kingdom, the Premier League to the rescue

The British government allocated emergency aid of 300 million pounds sterling (346 million euros) in November 2020 – mainly loans payable at very low rates – “spectator” sports: horse racing, cricket, but women’s soccer and men’s nationals League Football Club, fifth division, first amateur level. Downing Street, which in July 2020, lent an envelope of £ 1.5 billion in loans to theaters and museums, was slow to assist clubs. This argument has been put forward that the latter had access, like other companies, to pay by the Treasury for partial unemployment established in March 2020.

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The government has also pushed back the elite Premier League of English football to take over its responsibility by helping the rest of the professional clubs, as it collects most of the television rights. After months of tough negotiations, the Premier League agreed in December 2020 to help the Second Division English Football League (EFL) move forward £ 15million to secure a £ 200.million interest-free loan from banks. Expressed.

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The Premier League has released £ 50 million for grants to clubs in the third and fourth professional divisions. According to financial Times, The EFL is negotiating with the Bank of England to access a £ 75million ultra-low-emergency loan created at the start of the crisis to ease the finances of the country’s large corporations.

In Spain, partial unemployment

The Spanish government has not deployed specific assistance for football. They only extended the date of subsidy payments to federations and allowed clubs to play on Mondays and Fridays to increase their income from television rights. A decree approved in December 2020 allowed managers of some clubs not to support limited companies (FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Athletic Bilbao) with their personal wealth causing losses due to a health crisis.

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