Smart Sticky Note Printer: Alexa-compatible Sticky Note Printer on Amazon

Amazon has marketed a sticky note printer, the Smart Sticky Note Printer, which has the distinction of being compatible with Alexa!

Sincerely: Amazon

The Smart Sticky Note Printer Box is, as the name suggests, a small thermal printer (no ink required) that allows you to keep a paper version of the note or to-do list. And since it’s Alexa compatible, all you have to do is ask it to remember the shopping list or something. It is also possible to print a game!

Notes of all colors to stick on the desk

If the product does not require an ink cartridge, it should be combined with an Eco device sold separately. Amazon is offering a roll of yellow sticker paper, and will offer others in various colors. The idea is not so bad, and moreover it allows to decorate your office with a stack of stickers…

Sincerely: Amazon

The Smart Sticky Note printer is part of Amazon’s initiative called Day 1 Edition: Interested customers are invited to pre-order the devices offered there, which allows Amazon to understand their interest . The product that receives the most pre-orders gets the green light to be manufactured. In the same style, there is also the kitchen scale and cuckoo clock, also Alexa compatible.

Unfortunately, all printer units have been sold ($ 114 each) and since this is a limited edition, Amazon will no longer produce any. But if the demand is indeed very strong, the e-merchant may have to re-stock …

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