Smart Facebook Glasses “Ray-Ban Stories”

13. September 2021

  • Facebook is launching smart sunglasses that, in addition to two cameras, also feature speakers and a microphone in the frame.
  • The American social media conglomerate is working with eyewear brand Ray-Ban.
  • Smart glasses are initially available in 10 countries around the world

What do smart Facebook glasses see?

The two cameras are indistinctly integrated into the top right and top left above the glasses. 5 megapixel recording is possible with “Ray-Ban Stories”, as Facebook calls the specs. Recordable video length is limited to 30 seconds. The glasses can store more than 30 short videos, optionally we can also take 500 photos. Two white LED displays – one on the outside of the glasses, one on the inside – signal to the outside world as well as the owner who is picking up the glasses. On the [email protected] website. It says about smart glasses:

“From daily activities like cycling to special milestones like your favorite music festival, you can capture life’s spontaneous moments from a unique first-person perspective with Ray-Ban Stories’ two built-in 5MP cameras. “

Was Hurt “Ray-Ban Stories”?

Facebook’s new, smart glasses can not only see but also hear. Three microphones and several small speakers are integrated into the frame of the glasses. “Ray-Ban Stories” not only provides perfect sound for video recording, we also need to be able to make phone calls or listen to our music with glasses on. The glasses are controlled with the new “Facebook View” app, requiring users to have a Facebook account. You can then download movies and photos through the app and distribute them on social media. And when our hands are full, we can start recording the movie with the voice command “Hey Facebook, record a video.” Alternatively, the camera can also be operated with a switch on the frame.

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What “drives” the glasses?

An integrated battery is also supposed to supply the glasses with enough power. It is charged through a glass case. It should be able to supply the glasses with electricity for three days unless we have to recharge the case ourselves. Facebook is working with Essilor-Luxottica, the Italian parent company of eyeglasses maker Ray-Ban, to develop and produce its first smart glasses. The “Ray-Ban Stories” are to be offered in around 20 different design variants, based on well-known Ray-Ban styles such as the Wayfarer model. The whole technology is so compact that, according to Facebook, it should only add 5 grams of extra weight. “Ray Ban Stories” is initially available in ten countries such as Great Britain, Canada and Italy. It should cost 329 euros. It is not yet known when “Ray-Ban Stories” will be launched in Germany.

What does Facebook say about data security?

“The ability to control your settings and content was a main concern of people in user research conducted on wearable technology and privacy.”

This is what Facebook wrote in its lines about the new gadget. Of course, especially with regard to the video function of the glasses, the group is aware of the explosiveness of the highly sensitive data protection factor. He stresses that photos and videos are stored in encrypted form, that Glasses can only be linked to a single Facebook account and that all data protection settings can be personalized and personalized by us. Also, the group emphasizes that it has developed its own data protection guidelines for the use of the glasses. They are not only shown in the app during onboarding, but also summarized on a special data protection website. Only the future will tell whether these measures are enough for users and data protection authorities. So far, all attempts to convince users of smart glasses have failed – look at Google Glass or Snapchat Spectacles.

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