Sky Sports cut Jুরrgen Klopp’s trunk on broadcasters throughout kick-off time and packed schedules

Jেনrgen Klopp’s furious scandal in TV news is that Sky beat Liverpool 3-0 after beating Leicester, after he blasted the broadcasters with kick-off time and a pack schedule … although shown around the world.

  • Part of Jurgen Klopp’s post-match interview on Sunday was cut to Sky Sports
  • The Liverpool boss scolded the broadcasters on kick-off time and schedule
  • Klopp stressed that BT and Sky Sports need to talk to resolve the issue
  • He told Geoff Shiriv that the current broadcasting agreement was not for a “coveted season”
  • His team is currently without a number of key players due to injuries
  • Leicesterpool still put on a great performance by beating Leicester 3-0

After Liverpool’s 3-0 win over Leicesterpool, Sky Sports refused to air Jurgen Klopp’s angry scandal against TV broadcasters.

In his post-match interview, Klopp pushed Sky and BT Sports and asked the broadcasters to allow players to spend more time in the games.

Several key players, including Virgil Van Dijk, Joe Gomez, Jordan Henderson and Trent Alexander-Arnold, were missing the game due to injuries.

Jurgen Klopp says BT and Sky Sports need to talk and resolve during the kick-off

When Naby Keita, who has a hamstring injury, is forced to be replaced, they get another push during the match.

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In a post-match interview with Sky Sports’ Jeff Shrives, Klopp accused the broadcasters of not thinking about player welfare and called on them to resolve the tight schedule created by the coronavirus epidemic.

Klopp said: ‘When I talked about it, it was never about us. It’s about the players, the players from England, the players next summer at the European Championships.

‘But if you don’t start talking to (Sky) BT, we’re done. Talk to Sky and BT because if we continue to play on Wednesdays and then on Saturdays (12:30 pm) I’m not sure if we’ll end the season with 11 players – all the top seven.

‘But I know you (the broadcaster) don’t care and that’s the problem.’

Shrives rejected Klopp as wrong, but the Germans rebuked him: ‘No, it is not wrong to say this because we have already discussed it for a long time and nothing has happened.

‘Everyone is telling me it’s really hard but it’s really hard for the players, the rest is an office desk decision

Klopp's elite were barred from Sky Sports UK based coverage but were shown around the world

Klopp’s elite were barred from Sky Sports UK based coverage but were shown around the world

The Premier League champions are the latest in a long line of injuries.

The Premier League champions are the latest in a long line of injuries.

‘I’m happy with the game but we lost to another midfielder (Keita). Also we don’t have much on the bench but that’s the situation.

‘But it’s not about us, I’m not talking about Liverpool, I’m talking about all the football players there. Yesterday, (Gerard) suffered a serious knee injury. (Bukayo) Saka, probably, I’m not sure, looked like a knee injury – he played all three matches for England during the international break.

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‘Now people are talking about rotating our players, but who? We have some offensive players but the rest are kids.

‘It’s a huge problem. Wednesday and Saturday 12:30 is a broadcast problem and nothing else. We play against Atlanta on Wednesday and then at 12:30 (Saturday) against Brighton. It appears early in Christmas. We show up there trembling show I think about sending points. That’s the way it is.

Klopp told Sky Sports' Geoff Shiriv that the problem of Sky and BT Sports needs to be solved.

Klopp told Sky Sports’ Geoff Shiriv that the problem of Sky and BT Sports needs to be solved.

‘Gentlemen, start talking and start making decisions. I know you don’t. I like the relationship with you. ‘

Shrives wanted to note the fact that the clubs had agreed a deal with the broadcasters but were blocked by the Liverpool boss.

Klopp says: ‘If someone tells me about the deal again, I’ll be a real nut. Because these deals were not made for any coveted season.

‘We all have to adapt. You’re standing here face to face, a year ago did you think you had to go somewhere with a face mask and interview like that?

‘The situation has therefore changed everything but the agreement with the broadcasters is still there:‘ We have it, so we keep it ’. What? Everything changed, the whole world changed! ‘

Klopp calls on all players to be safe after Gerard Pique's knee injury

Klopp calls on all players to be safe after Gerard Pique’s knee injury

Despite injuries, Liverpool comfortably won 3-0 at home.

Despite injuries, Liverpool comfortably won 3-0 at home.

On Sunday, Liverpool’s opponents also included key players, including Ricardo Pereira, Wifred Nedidi, Cagara’s Soenku and Timothy Castagen.

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Klipp’s side are second in the table for their win thanks to a goal from Jon Evans and Diego Jota and a header from Roberto Firmino’s own header.

Managers, including Klopp and Manchester City opponent Pep Guardiola, have also spoken of the need to re-introduce every five options in the game due to the packed schedule to give players more rest.

The idea has been questioned by others, including Burnley boss Sean Deutsch and Chris Wilder of Sheffield United, because they think it would be in favor of big clubs.

Sportsmail Sky Sports has been asked to comment.


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