Sky News Arabia highlights possibilities of Jordan’s consulate in Laun

Jordan’s new consulate in La’youne, which was launched on Thursday, will strengthen strategic ties with Morocco, particularly in the context of direct investment in the region.

Following the inauguration of the Hashmite state consulate in the Saharan provinces of Morocco, several foreign media commented on the news, which Arab economists are already celebrating.

According to Sky News Arabia, citing economists and political analysts, the Amman consulate in Lahaune will play a key role in strengthening relations between the two states and a strategic partnership should be ensured.

Rabat and Amman, signed between Morocco, Jordan, Tunisia and Egypt in 2001, already have some sixty investment agreements and free trade zones between Mediterranean Arab countries.

The inauguration of the consulate is also in line with the declaration of King Abdullah II during Rabat’s own work and friendship visit in 2019. The two countries should further strengthen their bilateral relations, according to the UAE media, which underscores the importance and center. And the strategic role of the southern regions in Morocco in the African continental free trade zone (Zlekf).

Sky News said that while Morocco and Jordan are already collaborating in many areas, including tourism, renewable energy and vocational training, the Jourayan consulate in Laoyoun will become a new way to increase partnerships between the two countries.

And adding that the Morocco-Jordan Trade Council would be interested in projects in the areas of transport and services, tourism, food and agricultural industries, banking and financial services, information technology, energy, renewable, health and pharmaceutical industries.

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