Sky Map for March 2021: Taurus’s Red Eyes

In this month, Mars transits Taurus, a constellation visible in the first hour of the night and whose brightest star, Aldebaran, is sometimes named the Red Eye. Of an orange color and a comparable radiance, Mars may, at this time, represent the second red eye of Taurus. It is at the beginning of the month that Mars will be closest to the famous Pleiades star cluster (less than 3 °) and around the 20th that it will come closest to Aldebaran (7 °).

Our advice: Walk south-west in the evening. Aldebaran and Mars are half above the sky, completely visible to the naked eye even in the city.

Sky map for march 2021

Search below the sky map that appears around 8pm in mid-March. (Click above to enlarge the image).

Credit Images: Johan Keeken.

How to use this card?

Rotate your smartphone or tablet so that the direction you’re looking in is named right side up. The constellations and stars that will be found in the sky in front of you are all those whose names are readable without bowing your head. The position of the planets visible to the naked eye for the 15th month is indicated. Our map, drawn to a latitude of 47 ° north, appears within the sky visible in metropolitan France and within a band extending widely from 40 to 54 ° north latitude in Europe and the world. If you are north of the 47th parallel, the pole star will be higher in your sky and lower.

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