Sky launches new collaboration: it’ll be free soon

Good news for Sky customers: The streaming offer will soon be expanded and bring thousands of hours of new movies and series at no extra cost to German customers.

The pay-TV giant’s Europe-wide collaboration with NBC-Universal’s streaming service “Peacock” has now begun in Great Britain and will soon be valid for German customers as well – at no extra cost. Requirement only: Customer has to use his Sky account with Peacock once. The streaming service is now explaining this to British customers on its website. The NBC logo is an emblem that resembles a colored peacock wheel. name peacock, in german peacock, it is intended as a reference, explains NBC.

Sky and NBC-Universal belong to the American company Comcast

NBC-Universal’s streaming service also offers over 7,000 hours of movies and series such as “Suits”, “Downton Abbey”, “The Office” or “Kardashians”. There are also several new movies like “Fast & Furious 7”, “Jurassic World” and “Despicable Me”. Classics such as “American Pie”, “Brokeback Mountain”, “E.T. – The Extra-Terrestrial” and “The Great White Shark” are also part of the offer.

Customers in Great Britain and Ireland have been able to link their Sky accounts to Peacock for free starting Tuesday. This also applies to sky-ticket customers. Sky and NBC-Universal belong to the American company Comcast. Hence linking offers is a logical step which now provides more variety to the customers. Since its launch in April 2020, 54 million customers have registered for Peacock, with 20 million accounts being actively used.

Peacock should come to Germany before the end of the year

Peacock will also be accessible in Germany via the SkyQ platform, just like third-party apps like DAZN or Netflix. Before the end of the year, customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy should be able to use Peacock. However, Sky is yet to announce the exact date.

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