Six sub-Saharan migrants found dead in Tunisian desert


The bodies of six sub-Saharan migrants were found in a desert area in Tozur, southern Tunisia. If no information is given about the origin of this tragedy, severe dehydration is noted.

New tragedy of illegal immigration, with the declared deaths of some six migrants of sub-Saharan origin who were found in a desert area of ​​Tozur in southern Tunisia. according to the newspaper capitalist These migrants probably died of dehydration while trying to cross the border, which cites a statement from the Tunisian National Guard.

A seventh person, in a particularly poor state of health suffering from dehydration, due to the high heat recorded during the final days, although rescued by the Tunisian National Guard, begins again. Anatolia. The newspaper said the survivor was taken to hospital and is in a stable condition.

Two women and four children were also among those found dead on Wednesday night. The group, made up of Nigerian citizens, left Algeria and intended to reach Tunisia on foot. They have undoubtedly faced the heat wave that Tunisia has been facing for a few days now.

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