Six Nations: Why Players Keep Their Distance During Anthem

The scene surprised, not to say, the audience of the meeting. Before the kick-off of the first match of this six-nation rugby tournament, the teams of France and Italy on Saturday 6 February sang their national anthems, as is customary. But, unlike what was required during the 2020 edition of the competition, there is no question of giving voice arm in hand. The players set a meter apart, extending a good portion of the pitch at the Stadio Olympico in the line.

A provision that Blues fans will see on Sunday, February 14 in Ireland at the setback (4pm) and all matches of the tournament. Similar scenes occurred in England – Scotland and Wales – Ireland last weekend. And are associated with the Kovid-19 protocol established for the 2021 edition of the competition.

The Irish also had to keep a distance of one meter during their anthem against Wales. AFP / Geoff Cadick

Teams need to practice social distance during hymns to limit participation as much as possible. A misleading rule, as each selection lives in a health bubble where players undergo Kovid tests. And those people eliminated any physical barriers during the meeting.

Former Scotland team captain John Barclay said after having already practiced in many international matches, “Friends, ensure social balance before swapping body fluids in each other’s mouths”.

It’s two meters in england

“It’s quite special, knowing that we play against each other after 80 minutes … but we do it and we adapt if we have to play rugby”, the third line launch of the Blues, Dylan Cretin Of. “It is a shame, because it is usually an intense moment in emotion, where we can get closer between us, the French back Bryce continues the insulin. But we do with it. “

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The shortened form explained by the organizing committee of the Six Nations tournament in Paris – today in France, the distance adopted for matches in England is two meters. A special case, adopted because of “local regulations”, as the committee justifies us. Social distinctions have not always been the same in every part of Britain since the onset of the epidemic. France, for its part, adopted the two-meter rule for its citizens in January.

Between English and Scottish, two meters apart.  Reuters / Andrew Byers
Between English and Scottish, two meters apart. Reuters / Andrew Byers

The English Rugby Federation stated, “Social disturbances during the anthem are part of the team’s and tournament’s goal to minimize risks.” Spread on the lawn of Twincham, which had an indirect result against Scotland on 7 February. Only four players from the XV du Chardon emulated much of the workforce, English, on one knee on the ground during a minute of silence dedicated to the fight against racism.

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“We were spread over 50 meters during the anthem. Huw Jones was on the try line and Stuart Hogg, midfielder on Scotland coach Gregor Townsend, explained. Half the squad did not even realize that some of their companions and the British were kneeling. “

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