Six nations rugby | How Britain plans to arrest French magician Antoine Dupont

DuPont was named the Championship Player of the Year last year, and in 2021 Guinness picked up the space left in six countries and led their team to victories in Italy and Ireland.

Scream-half scored four tries and the Blues began pulling strings with a 15–13 win over Dublin to beat Assyria 50–10.

Asked how the ruling champions would try to stop Dupont from affecting the game, Mitchell said: “You stop him from running, I think! He can run!”

“He is a good player, he wants to influence the game, and he supports his strengths. He has good vision and he has a good awareness of defenders.

He said, “He should not have paid attention earlier, so he made many decisions in front of him.” He has a good skill set. He is physically fine.

“He is powerful and has a good defense. He can be better around defenders, because he is in. His support game is second to none in the way he expects the ball to play.

“We can’t wait to take her to him.”

France have tasted defeat at this year’s championships, the last time Guinness World Records beat Rose Rouge 24–17 in Paris in a two-team two-match series.

Penalty and kicking trend in Ireland | Analysis is powered by AWS

On the other hand, England have lost two of their opening three matches, and Scotland and Wales are better than Eddie Jones’ men on both sides of the win over Italy.

The efforts of Josh Adams, Liam Williams, Kieran Hardy and Corey Hill England to beat Wales at Cardiff conceded a number of penalties.

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But despite a heavy penalty after the first three rounds, Mitchell asked Red Rose to maintain their aggressive stance, save for the referee’s whistle.

“We have to deploy our discipline. We need to focus more on this area. In some situations, it is important that we are very smart and smart, ”said Mitchell.

“It just happened for us. It undergoes connection and unity. We are working hard and it will come. There is no doubt – the time will come.

Take advantage of the return match

“But I don’t want to stop playing on the sidelines for even a minute and stop being physical. It’s something that we experience, that we’re proud of.

“We are not going to throw something that is very important to us, it is a force that can possibly be demonstrated in a week.”

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