Six great shows to watch on Paramount+ during its launch

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(pocket-lint) — A new streaming service will debut in the UK on Wednesday 22 June 2022, bringing with it a ton of shows that have been missing from other platforms and TV channels for a while. And especially Star Trek: Discovery.

Already available in the US, Paramount+ is finally expanding into several new territories, which means a huge new audience will be ready to experience what it has to offer.

It will be available as an app on almost all connected devices, including mobile phones, and will be available for free to Sky Q and Sky Glass customers with Sky Cinema subscriptions.

We’ve put together a list of six shows that we recommend that you watch that will be available at launch.


hello the series

A live-action adaptation of Halo will soon be available to UK audiences.

It is a departure from video games and is therefore seen as operating on its own timeline, with all nine episodes of Season 1 focusing on the origin story of John-117, aka Master Chief, and the initial battle with the Covenant. Huh.


Yellowstone and its prequel, 1883, are both available on Paramount+. So UK fans have the option to watch them on demand.

It should be noted that only the first three seasons of Yellowstone will initially be available on the streaming service.

Beavis and the butt-head make up the universe

It’s not a TV show — it’s a feature film — but we’re so excited about the return of Beavis and Butt-Head that we had to include it here.

The boys are going into space for their first major spacewalk since the mid-90s.

Note: It will be available for streaming from June 23, 2022.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

A spin-off from Star Trek: Discovery (also available exclusively on Paramount+), Strange New Worlds focuses on the first crew of the Enterprise, with Captain Pike in command.

The first season began last May in the United States. So it’s welcome on Paramount+ in other regions.


Originally airing on CBS in the United States, Evil was picked up by Paramount+ from the second season.

The third season of this supernatural drama series has just started. It has been described as a cross between The Exorcist and The X-Files.

no statement made

The mid-2000s Nickelodeon children’s series returns in 2021, with Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) growing up and hosting her own web comedy show.

Almost the entire original cast is back for this Paramount+ exclusive, which just enters its second season.

Written by Rick Henderson.

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