Six died in two nursing homes at Libourne Hospital, vaccination campaign postponed

At Libourne Hospital Center, The second wave is stronger than the first. Two out of three nursing homes Hospital-dependent Kovid-19s are affected by the virus: one at the Gardrose site and one at Saint-Denis-de-Pile. Out of 225 residents in all, 61 tested positive Or are considered carriers of the virus. This second scenario includes people living in protected units, such as Alzheimer’s patients, where obstructive gestures are very difficult to honor. Six residents died And 28 caregivers were also infected.

It is not a primary contamination by the British version of Kovid-19, but the Libourne Hospital Center remains vigilant. In late December, medical services were abruptly stopped at the virus-affected Sainte-Foye-la-Grande establishment and All positive tests have been returned to the laboratoryTo ensure that this is the original strain of the new coronavirus.

Vaccination stopped

With this sudden number of pollution, Two nursing homes of Libourne Hospital Center cannot participate in vaccination campaign, Which began in Gironde on Wednesday 6 January. Because the vaccine rules are clear: Can not be injected less than three months after contamination with Kovid-19. In the third ihpad managed by CH, Victor-Scholcher vaccines are being administered. About 60 out of 110 residents have already been vaccinated.

Health conditions are also beginning to worsen in Libourne’s hospital services. 52 people are hospitalized due to Kovid-1.9 including seven in intensive care. The figure reached its peak on Monday 11 January, with many hospitalized patients not arriving since 1 September.

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