Six Days in Fallujah – Procedural Generation in the Service of Realism

Expected for this year, very controversial Six days in Falluja During the months of November and December 2004 in Iraq, Faluja will be related to the events of the Second Battle for the city. Already in April of the same year, the scene of the violent fight, the city will be remembered as a man who experienced the deadliest conflict of the entire war with this war.

developed by Highwire games And edited by Vijura, This FPS wants to be as realistic as possible from its tactical point of view, as the player’s total immersion in the tension created by combat in a closed environment.

If a collision in an open area allows you a certain degree of perception and freedom of movement for urban warfare, then this is a complete story. And the tension is never stronger than in the first column.

Six-days-in-fallujah-investigation-milieu-closeThis soldier does not know the configuration of the buildings through which he or she is about to enter, the layout of the room behind it. never. This is the degree of the unknown (and the tension that goes by hand) Highwire games Provides you with the touch of your finger for an innovative technique of procedural generation of architecture.

In fact, in each part, buildings, sections and rooms will be completely revised. The entire opposition zone will vary according to your opponents’ location.

The result of nearly three years of development, the technology looks promising and we hope to see more of it before the title is released, which is scheduled at the end of the year.

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More news in Falluja around six days:

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