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A few weeks ago, many countries had to suspend the vaccine AstraZeneca, Which is called today WaxzeviaCauses of cases of deaths as a result of its injection to patients in the countries ofEurope. Thrombosis has been reported in patients and is believed to be caused by the vaccine. A hypothesis that has been rejected by the manufacturer and many European Institutes of Health. In Britain, 59-year-old lawyer, Neil estels He also died of cerebral thrombosis a few weeks after receiving a dose of the vaccine Waxzevia.

Although this may have caused trouble to the victim’s sister, Alison estelsHowever, a pharmacist, enraged, called his fellow citizens to vaccinate. For that, we will survive more by vaccination than we refuse vaccination. According to the pharmacist, his brother ” Extremely unlucky » « In the end, we will save more people if people are vaccinated than they are not. », said Alison estels near BBC.

The risk of a clot is very low

Confirmation « So furious and very angry that this happened to my brother » Health professionals continue to defend the need for vaccination. According to him, the risk of thrombosis after vaccination is very low. « If you had the first dose, then proceed to have your second. If you have not received any dose yet, please do so. (…) The risk of a clot is very low and my brother was extremely unlucky » he said.

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