Sistem U’s boss calls for his sale in supermarket

The High Authority for Health is conducting an antigenic self-test this week to locate Kovid. Dominic Schalcher, president of System U, is seeking authorization to sell them in supermarkets, as in Germany.

In France, unlike Austria, the United Kingdom or Germany, Do-It-Yourself Kovid-19 antigen tests are not allowed to be sold. But France is not melodious. The High Authority for Health (HAS) has initiated a reflection on the subject and a working group is scheduled to meet this week to respond to what is being done. Sunday newspaper.

Cedric Carbonneil, the head of the assessment service for professional acts at HAS, gave the weekly assurance: “Yes, France will go there. The question is how and with which tests”.

on Twitter, Dominic ScalcherThe president of System U further adds and calls on the authority to sell these home screening devices to supermarkets. According to him, such a decision would be “common knowledge at a time when this gesture may be normal”.

Sales in supermarkets in Germany

Their sales are already authorized in Germany, where the product quickly found its customers. In a few hours last Saturday, the Germans raided the available kit.

In Lidl, five trials were sold for 22 euros when in Aldi, a packet of five products “made in Germany” required to count 25 euros. With success, the two distributors say they are doing everything they can to offer other tests for sale. Drugstores DM and Rossman assure that they will offer these self-tests to their customers as soon as possible.

With these rapid trials, the goal is to give the population more freedom after months of restriction. But experts believe that they are less reliable than PCR tests and that protective measures should be maintained even if the test is negative.

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