Sirt Diet, Liquid Food and Solid Food: What It Is and How It Works

Sirt Diet, Liquid Food and Solid Food: What It Is and How It Works

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Sirt Diet: What is it and how does it work? Sirt diet is also known as lean gene diet. The Sirt diet was devised by two UK nutritionists and biologists, Aidan Goggins and Glenn Matton. The Sirt diet is based on sirtuins, protein compounds with enzymatic activity inherent in certain foods, which the body uses in a positive way. Sirtuins will integrate with metabolism and even the body’s genetic memory, which is why it is also called the “lean gene diet.”
In fact, sirtuins seem to have a natural anti-inflammatory effect on tissues and help combat cellular aging.

The Sirt diet is a very aggressive diet, at least in its initial phase, that plans to introduce about 1000 calories for 3 days, and then 12 on about 1500 calories for a total of 15 days of “shock treatment”. Will continue for days. “Strong hypocaloric. Therefore, it should be thoroughly assessed and only in cases of genuine need and agreed with a specialist nutritionist.
Sirt Diet: How It Works
Expect to have 4 meals a day for the first 3 days, 3 of which are liquid – mainly vegetable juices – and only one solid.
Thereafter, for the next 4 days, the food becomes 2 liquid and 2 solid. In the last week of treatment, there is a total of 5 meals, 3 solids and 2 liquids.

Since sirtuins are proteins, they are basically dietary protein. Light animal proteins such as chicken and eggs are recommended, along with a good amount of fresh vegetables such as celery, rocket and cabbage. There are very few spices, basically only spices like olive oil, turmeric and chilies are fine. Green tea in drinks is antioxidant-rich green tea. Among cereals, only buckwheat is allowed. No sugar or extravagance, except for a half glass of red wine rich in polyphenols. Hence the very limited variety of foods.
Sirt Diet: Advantages and Disadvantages of this Diet
The premise is that there are still no definitive scientific studies on the healthfulness of this diet: Be careful, therefore, that it’s actually low-calorie and can cause imbalances and even serious problems.

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As always, not to do it yourself, yes to compare with a specialist who will assess the general clinical picture and the real need for weight loss. In fact, it can produce the yo-yo effect, leading to fundamental nutritional deficiencies and strongly negative psychological dynamics, leading to eating disorders. An active lifestyle, along with a tasty, varied and balanced diet, lots of sports and fun, is always the best way to stay healthy!

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