Sir Rod Stewart has added a skate ramp, indoor swimming pool and trampoline to his 4.7 million mansion.

Do you think I’m a sportsman? Sir Rod Stewart has added a skate ramp, indoor swimming pool and trampoline to his 4.7 million Essex mansion.

  • Sir Rod Stewart, 75, and wife Penny Lancaster, 49, finally at their dream home
  • The property sits on a proud and spacious 46 acres of ten bedrooms
  • He has an indoor pool, trampoline and skate ramp in his 7 4.7 million mansion.

Gladrags: Sir Rod with wife Penny and son Alastair, 14, and Aiden, 9.

Given his love of a kickout, it’s no surprise he has built a pitch.

But considering Rod Stewart’s .7 4.7 million mention, football is far from the only game in his mind.

Not only does it have a croquet lawn, but the singer has added an indoor pool, a trampoline and a skate ramp.

Aerial photos show that his Grade II enlisted the 18th-century Essex mansion after years of renovation and construction.

Sir Rod (5) and wife Penny Lancaster (49) have finally found their dream home, which has ten bedrooms and sits on a sprawling 4ra acre. Durrington House near Harlow has attractive amenities such as four self-appointed cottages, a walled garden, croquet lawn, pavilion and clock tower.

Sir Rodd and his family relocated the property in 2016, three years after they bought the property for 4.65 million, and they have been working on a major renovation ever since.

The couple’s son, Alastair, aged 14 and nine, will be thanked for Aiden Tramplin and the 50-foot indoor pool.

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Sir Rodd was allowed to plan for the pool at the mansion in 2017 after Alastair showed a keen interest in swimming. The pool house also has conversion facilities, a spa pool, bar and dining area area

In 2016, Celtic FC fans were allowed to build a football pitch, but their request for it to be fluidlit was denied, saying it could cause light pollution.

The photos show the pitch, the isolated expanse of lawn with complete couple turrets and statues, including the Glasgow team flag.

The front of the property has a large ornamental lake and a decorative pond in the back walled garden.

In July, the couple planned to build a classic portico between four pillars to accommodate four ancient Greek-inspired idols to be built overlooking the pond.

They must apply to allow their plan for any change to the property because the home is listed as second grade.

An existing historic historic walled garden was excavated and plans for decking over the pond were vetoed so that its banks could remain in a more ‘naturalized state’. Sir Rodd and Miss Lancaster, who divided the time between Durrington House in Florida and their property, shared several photos from inside the Essex mansion during the lockdown.

Miss Lancaster said in August: “We always consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have a larger property and land where we can expand and practice with this whole lockdown.”

Sir Rod sold his former Essex property, the six-bedroom Wood House, for 4.1 million last year.


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