Signs Po gets caught in succession crisis

“Parody of Democracy”, “Schematic”: Teachers and alumni fear that a generation’s last-ditch effort to take control of the designation of Olivier Duhmall’s successor will harm the school.

The final blow of an empty aristocracy that symbolizes an ancient world, seeks to take control. It is the face presented today by Signs Po, the nation’s leading training school. “Dishonorable” For some, “Grotesques»For others, surrounding the appointment of Olivier Duhmall’s successor at the head of the National Foundation for Political Science (FNSP), as never before, but in the upper echelons of power and among alumni of the school ceases to amaze . Which, in France and abroad, can be very generous donors.

On maneuvers? The 78-year-old, leftist male and former Renault boss, Louis Schweiter, who has been serving as head of the foundation since the resignation in January of constitutionalism Duhamel, accused of incest in Camille Koerner’s book. the challenge? This private law foundation presides over who controls the school budget and strategy, but also

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