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heyThat’s why he is announcing the end of the vaccine feed dispersal operation in Monterey. However, as in last year, surveillance in the region and in Astri remains “increased”.

Vaccine bait was distributed annually to immunize raccoons, skunks and foxes against raccoon rabies, and thus protect the health of the human population.

In 2016, the ministry undertook to reduce the area targeted by these spread operations, as control efforts deployed in Quebec and the United States made it possible to eliminate rabies cases, thus reducing the risk of reintroduction in the area. did.

In addition, no cases have been identified in Quebec since the single case was detected in 2015. Therefore no vaccination campaign will be conducted in 2021. However, raccoon vaccination campaigns are ongoing in the states of Vermont, New York and New Hampshire, which are helping. To push raccoon rabies south and keep Quebec from reproducing.

However, Monterrey and Astri are considered areas at risk of reintroduction due to the close proximity of the cases detected each year to the United States. “The increased surveillance campaign, which will be maintained in 2021, is now an effective and adequate means of continuing the fight against raccoon rabies in Quebec,” one said in a press release.

“To ensure adequate surveillance and early detection of any rabies case, the contribution of the population is essential. In fact, when the disease spreads in an area, citizen reports are the best tool for early detection of affected wild animals. “

Citizens living in these two regions can make a significant contribution to the fight against raccoon rabies. They are therefore invited to report the presence of dead or disoriented, injured, unusually aggressive or paralyzed raccoons, skunks and foxes by calling 1877 346-6763 or by filling out an online form at

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In the event of a bite, scratch, or contact with saliva, the wound should be cleaned with soap and water for ten minutes, even if it is minor. We communicate quickly with Info-Santé 811 to obtain adequate medical follow-up, it adds.

The ministry suggests taking measures not to attract wild animals to your property. For example, outdoor trash cans should be kept out of reach of animals and feeding pets outside should be avoided.

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