Signal, Messenger … many messaging apps are listening

A major bug can make it possible to listen to a person called before taking it with Google Duo, Signal, FaceTime or even Facebook Messenger. It lasted until late 2020 for some applications.

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Signal is Let out Growing since WhatsApp The parent company has decided to modify its terms of use to share its data with Facebook. Famous for not collecting ultra-secure and personal data, Messaging, Advocated by Edward Snowden, although by the end of 2019 faced a significant defect.

During a call, when the reporter has not yet picked up, Applications Signals on two mobiles exchange data to ensure connection. And it turns out that, during this phase, exchanges were not limited to encryption keys and codecs. The call also activated the party’s mobile microphone, which could allow it to be spied upon. Detected by security researcher Natalie Silvanovich Project zeroAt Google, this flaw not only affects the signal, but also almost all popular communication applications such as Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, Google Duo, or even JioChat which is widely used in India.

Fixed a big bug

And Apple And signals were the first to fix the defect in 2019, most of the others Messaging Did not take action until the end of 2020 to address it. Researcher considers this issue even more problematic Google duo Because, during this initial exchange, video packets could be transmitted in addition to sound. On the other hand, it The bugAlthough common, neither worries Wire Oo vibar.

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In the explanation published in his account Twitter, The expert specifies that it has focused on applications representing more than 10 million installations from Google Play. This means that other less popular communication apps may still suffer from the same bug. In any case, it is better to check that this type of application is up to date on your phone.

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