Should Britain share their vaccines with other countries?

To get out of the health and economic crisis associated with coronaviruses, voices are being raised in favor of greater solidarity and vaccine cooperation globally.

Alone we move fast. The United Kingdom has passed the milestone of 15 million doses of the administered Kovid-19 vaccine. But now, the vaccination campaign is far from moving at the same pace everywhere in the world. On Monday, the British government reiterated its support for the Kovacs program, of which the United Kingdom is one of the largest donors.

The Kovacs initiative was launched by the World Health Organization (WHO) at the onset of the coronavirus epidemic. The purpose of this tool is to vaccinate the entire planet at the same time to prevent equal access to dosages and increase in prices. This vaccine is based on diplomatic cooperation and a global effort.

10 countries given 75% of dose of vaccine against Kovid

If ambition initially conquered the entire world, then the possibility of a delay in accessing the vaccine, as in the European Union, seems to have dampened this surge of international solidarity. In-person agreements were made with the laboratories, while the institutions were initially to negotiate together under the Kovacs program.

Rich countries have bought almost all the vaccines available today. 75% dose given in only 10 countries According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

The world is on the verge of horrific moral failure – and this failure has to be paid for in life and livelihood in the world’s poorest countries“During a meeting, said Jan Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, head of the WHO.

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Vaccine solidarity for the benefit of the fight against Kovid and to save the economy

Beyond the moral issue, countries must unify their efforts to bring the epidemic under control and protect the economy in general. Jeremy Farrar, SAGE, member of the UK Government Science Council, explained in an interview with Inspector Cooperating globally for vaccination would prevent the emergence of more variants.

So WHO special envoy David Nabarro asked about this sky News The UK distributes doses to other countries when more than 50 people are vaccinated.

Meanwhile, Oxford vaccine co-producer Professor Sarah Gilbert has called for a donation to the WHO’s Kovid-19 Response Solidarity Fund in the UK when they receive their injections in the UK.

Nobody will be safe until the whole world is safe“The Kovacs program summarizes the WHO in the front page of the website. Alone we move fast. Together, we are doing much better.

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