Short films on the terrace

From mid-May, short films will be shown in a loop on the roof of the e-worker cultural center. With this campaign, E-Verk Kino is sending a signal of life to the walkers all evening and wishing you more as soon as the cinema opens again.

Selection of international short films

The E-Werk Kino has been discontinued since autumn last year and is waiting patiently, politely, but certainly always a little desperate for a restart. Now cinema and cinema groups are sending a sign of life and offering an exciting selection of international short films on the roof of e-work.

Short films in a continuous loop

Coming from Hauptstraसेe to E-Verk, Fuksenavis is a projection screen on the roof of the former sales area, where short films will be shown in a continuous loop every day from mid-May to 8pm and 10pm. Without sound, without words, but certainly no less understandable as a result.

Film schedule

Good luck in biscuits Germany 2019, 3:40 min, Director: Nina Weilber, animation film. It is the short story of a fortune cookie who buries his head in search of his inner happiness and clarifies his message.

A wednesday night in tokyo Germany 2004, 5:52 min, Director: Jan Verbeek, documentary film. Tokyo, 11 o’clock at night. In rush hour, people climb the metro. The wagon is full until the words have to help. The film was shot in real time in one shot.

big bag 1:55 min, UK 2016, Directed by Daniel Greaves, animated film. Portrayed in fine pencil, the film depicts the story of a young man who packed his Rouxac too heavily and thus caused chaos.

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girl Power Sweden 2004, four minutes, director: Per Carlson, short film. Actually, moving the bike to a particular device on the car should not be a problem. But an elderly woman gets in trouble because her car suddenly starts driving. At the end of this comedy, a resident kindly helps him.

Flying art The Netherlands 2015, 6:52 min, Director: Jan van Izken, documentary film (black and white). Stars gather in the evening to show their dazzling aerial shows every evening. A careful documentation.

Snapshot The Netherlands 2012, 2:30 min, Director: Arthur van Merwijk, animation film. A delightful place in nature. A duet with a camera on the hunt for the final snapshot of an animal. But animals have to be well hidden and invisible for preaching…

air Germany 2013, 4:01, Robert Label, animation film. A film about a windy country and its equally windy inhabitants. Red

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