“Shit, we said we were moving”: Bowe and Tarantola talk about their crazy race for a medal at the Tokyo Olympics

Apart from being a sports enthusiast at a time when he would be better off in bed to avoid dark circles at work or spent snoring poolside on vacation, French rowing has decided to play with his heart. After tandem Matthew Androdias-Hugo Boucheron, who won his gold for 20th on Wednesday, tandem Claire Bowe-Laura Tarantola also worked her share of cold sweats to snatch the lightweight two-pair silver medal in Tokyo on Thursday morning.

“We knew they could hit the same six, because in this discipline, everyone has the same type of boat, and above all, they all weigh 57 kilograms on average (Editor’s note: rules apply to ), explains Christine. Gosse, director of the French women’s team and bronze medalist in two coxless in Atlanta. So it is they who are drawn on D-Day, who will line up best depending on the conditions in the basin… have to be prepared physically and mentally, and there they were in full possession of their means.”

But France’s final promises to be quite a dense one. The day before, the British and Italians broke world records in the semi-finals just minutes apart. In the wake of a national team impacting the Marine One Channel, the Dutch are announcing themselves as customers. “I was so confident, slipped his trainer Frederic Perrier. Before leaving, I told him: you are the best. »

“Go on, we have to get out of there”

Original shot from Les Blues: Descend quickly when entering their No. 2 line in Japanese waters. “We didn’t move forward. I told myself: damn, we said we were moving Describes Claire Bowe licensed at the Mantes-la-Jolie club. And then, I hear the Dutch women next door. Laura kept telling me: We are in a heap! All that was left was to have fun and give it all. “

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After a one kilometer run, the two French women finished second to the Dutch in 38 hundredths. But Blue is slowly retreating. “He didn’t see himself climbing,” describes Matthew Androdias, whose powerful whistle deafened half of the stands during the final few meters of the race. You have to be mentally armored in these super tough races. “At 500 meters from the line, they are the last of a four-way game between Italy, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

But Claire Bowe and Laura Tarantola long held theirs as a weakness. “It’s become a big strong point as well, underlines Frederic Perrier. They’re the strongest, if not the strongest, in this part of the race. Both friends on the water understand it’s time to give it their all.” 750- At 500m, I said: go we have to get out of there, because it smells …. I don’t know what it smells like, but it didn’t smell good, laughs tarantola, the most experienced of the two. You had to make some effort by being clean. “

In the stands, he shouts whatever is in his lungs to carry both the tricolor rider and the coach. “We don’t really hear what’s happening outside at the time, but it’s so high in our bodies that we can hear them screaming in our heads,” says Claire Bowe. The line is near, very near. And the Dutch boat, set out to grab the gold, runs into a major technical fault. French women isolate themselves beyond suffering. “We vacate the bell tower there”, is the summary of his coach.

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The quartet passes in line, all more tired than the others. “I told Claire: no matter the result, it’s great, thanks “. Water, it is difficult to distinguish in a clear hierarchy, even though the scoreboard first indicates the first place of the Italians Valentina Rodini and Federica Cesarini. Then comes the name of the tricolor pair in second place, which stuns Matthew Androdias with joy getting up.

“Look, it’s marked two,” Tarantola tells Bowe. “No, it’s the water line,” replied his 23-year-old friend. “Later, I see that they show us in the image, I say to myself: But nooooooooooooooooooooooooo, that’s not true! French women are Olympic vice-champions, which they feel so full of when they are guided toward a pontoon of honor.

Nothing came up behind, in third place. Well almost: Hundredth ahead for Dutch over British, split on photo-finish. The crazy race is over. And France comes with the ninth medal in these Games.

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