Shipbreaker will be out of Early Access and coming to Xbox Game Pass PC on May 24

Launched in Early Access on Steam just over two years ago, Hardspace: ShipbreakerFirst Person Sandbox Simulation (from Blackbird Interactive)crossfire legion, homeworld 3, Homeworld: Deserts of Kharki…), is due to be released in version 1.0. According to the short trailer shared by Focus Entertainment yesterday, it will be posted on May 24, the date on which the title Xbox Game Pass will also be included in PC,

live my life as a debtor junkyard

In case you didn’t already know, this game puts you in the shoes of one “Workers Expert in Dismantling Hazardous Components in Dismantled Ships”, in other words, a galactic junkyard. your goal? Pay off the loan of over a billion credits you’ve contracted with megacorporation LYNX.

In addition to this campaign, the Canadian production will include a free mode to enjoy the experience in complete relaxation, as well as a race mode that will offer you measure yourself. “Competitive Challenge to other players in the leaderboard”,

See you next month to discover the full version of Hardspace: Shipbreaker on PC. We also remember that imitation will arrive on the console at an undetermined date,

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