Shells to be sued in UK by Nigerian villagers for oil spill

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The British Supreme Court on Friday (12 February) allowed thousands of Nigerians to sue the giant oil shale in the United Kingdom for the environmental damage caused by the black gold leak. The Niger Delta is Africa’s most important region for oil companies’ activity.

They are 42,500 villagers in total.Alata du niger For this, the British Supreme Court seized to condemn the giant rock Oil exploitation that does not respect the environment. They accuse the multinational oil company of polluting their land, making fishing and farming impossible.

Their complaint has been heard, as the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom believes that the trial is on. The verdict is against the previous two decisions of the London courts, which were refused forfeiture. But the High Court specifically falls under ” Vertical group structure »Registered in the UK.

The Supreme Court ruling could not only pave the way for compensation and force Shell to clean its oil floors, but it is also a “mark”. Major turning point for multinational companies responsibility As Law Firm Day, which defends the plaintiff, explains.

For their part, Shell denies any liability and points out that these are due to the black gold leak ” Oil theft, illegal refinement and sabotage of pipelines »By local communities. Oil company calls British Supreme Court decision ” Disappointing decision »

Has been in Niger for 60 years, Shell sentenced in late January, By Dutch justice, this time to compensate Nigerian farmers for polluting the soil in their villages.

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