Sheep Meghan Markle on Dry Land Without a British Passport

Meghan Markle let her passport application expire just one year after the unprecedented riots in the British royal family. She has been living outside the British Empire for more than 270 days and so the opportunity has been lost on the travel document.

is that bad? Meghan and her “Prince Charming” Harry have their sheep on dry ground in the United States, a long way from Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth and the British Petty. then no.

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Initially, the American actress wanted a double passport and British citizenship. She followed the process, but then everything around the agreements about departure still seemed lush and moonlight. The couple now reside in their $ 14.7 million mansion in Santa Barbara and have had lucrative deals with Netflix and Spotify.

Double passport

In other words, they appear to be financially independent, and the relationship between the British Court and the British people is as thin as elastic.

To be entitled to a British passport, Meghan could not spend more than 270 days outside the United Kingdom.

Media reports that a new application may still be made. If Meghan had not gone to the US, she could have applied for her new passport last November.

Meanwhile, Meghan and Harry are thanking them for their royal status in the world of celebrities. For example, in December, Meghan invested in oatmeal-based milk powder, which is doing particularly well in the Upper Ten and vegetarian communities. Neighbor Oprah Winfrey plugs Celever’s Instant Oatmeal Milk into her 19 million followers on Instagram.

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Instant oatmeal milk

Last week, the Archwell Foundation’s website, a non-profit organization with essential pretensions, was launched. The initiative focuses on motherhood and also began with a poem ‘A Letter to 2021’. In addition to the foundation, the initiative includes Archwell Audio with which Meghan and Harry will perform podcasts for Spotify and Archwell Productions.


And then there is speculation that Meghan Markle, who has close ties with Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama, also has ambitions to enter politics. With Kamala Harris in the front row as Vice President, the presidency seems a bit more ambitious.

However, Meghan’s ambitions are limited. An American plus a British double passport can then become more of a hindrance to the White House than a recommendation.

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